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  1. Fernando says:

    Remaking Star Wars Original Trilogy to fit modern tatess would be like re-painting the Mona Lisa, pointless. To say a modern audience cannot accomodate something created in a different era and appreciate it through the mental framework of how it would have been received at the time of it’s creation is a discredit to the intelligence of the audience. I think we have to hold people to a higher level, not modify existing work to fit within a lazy perspective. But that’s just my opinion, no disrespect intended. And I think 3D, like CGI, or motion controlled and stop motion photography is simply a tool for visual storytelling that can be used to create incredibly compelling work as long as the tool is the means to an end (furthering a story) and not the end in itself. As always, it comes down to quality writing, and quality performance, however that performance is gathered or created, as long as furthering the story, and creating deep and compelling characters and performances trumps all other considerations. All visual storytelling technologies must be deployed to move the story forward, not just to look shiny on screen.

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  7. http://www./ says:

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